First Blog Post!

Hello all!  

Welcome to my first blog: Plight of the Flutist!  

My aim in creating this blog is to use it as a resource for flutists everywhere, including myself!  I have had (and still have) the privilege of studying with some very fine flutists (whom I would consider some of the best) who have given me a treasure trove of helpful information pertaining to flute and musicianship as a whole. I am at a point in my playing where I am starting to synthesize all of the teachings of the past 12 years, and in the process having those “AHA” moments that we have all come to love and appreciate.  These are the moments that I would like to share and discuss with whomever chooses to read this blog!

Keep and eye out for updates!  I will aim to write at least one blog post per week. 

I sincerely hope that everyone is able to take something away from this blog, which I am fashioning to be a real, down-to-earth, no frills blog.